PGI 2013 Show

The 2013 Pyrotechnics Guild International Convention was held at Coopers Lake Campground in Butler, PA.  The PGI Board gave us the honor to shoot a show.  Our show was shot on the opening night of the Convention.  We called our show BACON – The Very Best of PORC


We chose to shoot a show a little different than most shows at the PGI.  We built everything for our show.  There was not one effect that we purchased or imported from China.  We made every star and effect from scratch.  The show was 100% made in Pennsylvania by us.  We made over 1400 devices for the show and they were a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes.  They ranged from basic 3″ color shells for a finale segment to comets, mines, 4-6″ cylinder shells, 4-12″ ball shells, lampares, girandolas and salutes.

There is never a show that is perfect and ours was no exception.  Prior to our show, there were some salutes that damaged 20 of our 45 girandolas.  We also had some issues getting the show to start when we wanted.  This caused delays, but we were able to shoot the show later on that evening.  The timing wasn’t as perfect as we would like, but all of our effects performed as planned.

Here is our show: